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Rigid TS2400 Worth $250CAD table saw

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Hi All,

First post, this is a great site/forum. really enjoying it.

Appreciate some help/advice: Is a Ridged TS2400 (13yr old) in good condition is worth $250 CAD?

the ad is here:
Asking is $325CAD, offer accepted $250. I let them know I estimated it being 13+yrs old based on the oder Ridgid colour scheme.

Due to inspect and pick it up Sunday lunchtime (13-Sep). It seems to have got good reviews in the past and the owner said its used but been well cared for. Roll on 10+ years is $250 CAD good value, or over paying or should I shut up and give them my money?! The equivalent ridgid (R4514) new is $680CAD (after tax in Home Depot)

2 things you should know:
1) I have zero space, I mean really very small storage. I would love a bigger saw and tried to buy an old larger one that fell through but it would literally be used and then covered in a tarp to sit in the snow over winter - so I think this is a bad idea right now. I will have a garage/workshop in the future and can upgrade my table saw needs then.

2) I have one job to do that I cannot complete with my current tools. I have to bevel cut 4×4 cedar posts for an exterior window frame casing. The 2 longest pieces are a 16' rip - i know not ideal but i'll bolt the saw down so it can't tip etc. and have proper in/out feed. The cut is at 20deg and will likely require 2 passes to complete, the 10" blade cut depth wont do it in one pass - without reducing the stock down from nominal. I plan on getting a new good ripping blade + feather-boards etc.

So with that in mind is this A) a good saw for the money, B) a good/reasonable saw for my needs C) when inspecting it is there anything i should look out for?

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I personally would not pay more than $100 (USD) for that saw even if it's in excellent condition and the stand is in good condition, and probably not even that much (more like $40-$50). I just don't like the plastic saws with those universal screamer motors. If you do get it, be very careful throwing 16 foot hunks of wood at it. Not only will they probably outweigh the saw by a considerable amount, but that could push the machine past it's limit and toast the rear plastic motor housing, rendering the machine completely useless (and a replacement motor costs about as much as a new machine). Go slow and take long breaks between cuts to let things cool off.

I'm thinking that it would probably be easier and safer if you could rig up a jig for your circular saw instead.

Cheers Brad,

Took 2 days for my first post to be approved so I had to make an educated guess and went for it. He was missing the blade guard and knocked it down to $225 CAD before I got to see it. Upon inspection it sounded good and was square. The table surface is fine. The fence is the only downside, had an encounter with a blade. I'll likely disassemble and flip to the nice side on my right. I probably could have got it for $200 but it was just his other half there for pickup. Didn't want to fuss over $25.

I hear you re belt drives etc and it sounds like even new you basically wouldn't buy one. As said I have zero storage space so I guess I was asking in the realms of this type of fold up saw - is it a good one? I guess that's now for me to figure out :)

I can sell it after this job is done at no loss.

Re circular saw. Your probably right but I need to do a rabbit (rebate). And some other angled cuts to specific depths. I could jig up my router for some. suffice to say I'm hoping the table saw is the better tool for the job and less chance of a screw up. The 16" 6×6 cedar is $$$ right now. Don't want to risk messing it up.

I got a nice new ripping blade. And will go slow. Hopefully this will alleviate the saws load. And one other pro is the stand and weight. It's actually got some gravity to it. I could sell the saw and put a new on one the stand.

I'll post my progress with the saw and window frames - unless it's a total disaster ;)
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The worst thing about ridgid saws is that stupid trough fence they seem To like. It really [email protected] with accuracy. It was the main reason I got rid of a ridgid saw.

Universal motors are Loud. But I wouldnt base you're decision on that. I have never actually had one fail.
I own a TS2400 and must have a decent one as the fence is not a problem for me. The whole saw works well and with a Freud Glue Line blade does all could ask for. I mounted it on a castered base with a folding outfeeed table to use in my cramped one-car shop. Paid $175 for it in 2018.
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