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Rigid 4331 planer , online only ??

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Hi all woodworkers, first I love all your projects
and your knowledge of all woodworking crafts. To the
point though. I've been saving up for months ( literally
4-6 ) for a thickness planer. Been watching CL only to
find planers out of my range or ones that are 3 years
old and $50 less then what they bought it new. Would
rather buy new. (You never know what someone has done
or rigged up just to sell something ) The Rigid 4331 is what
I decided on but turns out I can't buy it at the store, online
only. I've never owned a planer and $370.00 is an awful
Lot of $$$$ in my house to just order something sight unseen.
Also don't do credit so I'll have to go to HD and buy a gift
card just to buy the planer online then wait 10 days to get it.
(Plus it's easier to carry a box in the back door discreetly than
have a ups driver ring bell on front,someone out there knows
what I mean !!!
Don't think there's an alternative but seeking advice

Thank you
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Go with the dewalt 734 instead, plenty on here use it, it is available at the store and can be gotten for a similar price. It was cheesy but I asked the HD manager if it was true that they had a price match guarantee that included 10% off, when he agreed I showed him the Lowe's ad for 3 cents less. Got a funny look and a planer for 360.00
What Russ said.
I got mine last year and love it. It's been a very hard worker in my shop.
Thanks for the input on he Dewalt 734,
It's $399,00 around here.
I might go that route, I guess I'll sleep
on it and c in the morning.
Thanks again
The 4331 isn't online only, but many of the HDs won't spare the space for much more than a few miter saws and jobsite table saws. Try picking other HDs nearby (if you have any) and seeing if it shows stock there.
Thanks, I've already called 5 different stores in my
area and no luck. Must be an Ohio thing, idk
I have the 734 ind it has transformed my woodworking - I would buy it again if it got lost.
If you are looking for a small and discrete Planer then the Dewalt 734 is not the one, its almost as big and bright as a portable Generator. I can not comment on the performance of the Dewalt but after doing much research I recently purchased the Makita 2012NB. 2 things that surprised me about the Makita right out of the box, 1) Exceptionally light 2) When I run the planer I can hear myself think. I also own the Rigid 4331 and I need a hand truck to move it and I lost some hearing over the past 2 years using it. The Rigid did ok for me but after using my new Makita, I wished I drop the extra dough 2 years ago and bought this then instead of the Rigid. To me the Makita is in a class by itself.
Are you sure you're not thinking about the 735? The 734 is about the same size as most other benching planers, including the makita and ridgid.

The makita is definitely one of the better planers; it's always up there with the 735 in reviews. It's pretty expensive though.

Planer noise shouldn't be an issue aside from neighbors as none of them are quiet enough to use without hearing protection. If you didn't use hearing protection, that explains the hearing loss.
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