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Rigid 18v drill driver new model batteries?

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Last night I went to Home Depot intending to buy the 18 Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Drill. However, they only had one left, and the box looked like it had rough time. The sales guy showed me a bundle that came with what seems to be the new 18V Lithium-Ion Max Compact Drill/Driver (R86007) and a small reciprocating saw. Both the saw and the drill are marked "Fuego".

The bundle included two of the thin 1.5 Ah batteries. If I had bought the non-bundle, older R86006 would it have included two 3.0 Ah batteries instead? I'd rather have the 3.0 Ah batteries than a reciprocating saw.

Thanks for your help.
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The 3.0 batteries due last longer, but the 1.5's are lighter. I have three cordless Ridgid drills, since I"m goofing off at work and not at home, I can't be sure of the models, but the last one I bought did come with a small recip saw too occompany my larger Ridgid Recip saw (that came when I bought my first Ridgid package 2 lyears ago.)

The drill that came with small recip was thle Auto Shift model so I can not be sure if it'sthe same that you are looking at. I would not worry about the box and make sure you register the tool to get the lifetime warranty.

I kow own 6 Ridgid tools and really enjoy them. Ridgid also has a nice forum…ofcourse not as nice as LumberJocks!!
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