Ridgid - 13" Portable (Rating: 5)

As an owner of the Ridgid T1300, buying new blades from Home Depot or
Ridgid is darn near impossible. While searching the internet for replacements
I found the Powertec 128070 blades. Advertised as "Replacement blades for
the T1300"

Two sets were purchased through Amazon for $25.19 per set. A few dollars
less than the price at Home Depot, when they were available.

Upon receiving the blades the first thing I did was inspect the blades using a
Micrometer. The thickness was .073, the same as the original blade. Next I
checked the width and it was .747, only .002 narrower than the original. The
dimensions were consistent from end to end.

Test cuts were made using 1×3 Red Oak. Depth of cut started at 1/32 in.
and increased in increments of 1/64 in. up to 3/32 in. per pass. As
a rule of thumb, I stay at or below the 3/32 depth of cut as a personal preference.
The Ridgid T1300 states that its maximum depth of cut is 1/8 in.

All cuts produced a finish smooth enough that it could go to final assembly.
Example being the Fish Trivet Set as seen in my projects list. The "Ribs" of the
Fish were planed to size and only required corner sanding after assembly.

The next test will be how long they hold an edge. As of now they have my approval.