Ridgid - R4512 (Rating: 1)

I statred working with mesquite wood about a year ago and one of the first machines I brought was the Ridge R4512 because of the price and the looks. One year later I am still trying to sell it. If I can't sell it I will try to see if I can replace the motor with a motor with more HP. The Ridge R4512 is a good saw if you cut pine or soft wook BUT…..... it can't cut mesquite or hard wood. It has a lot of problems cutting the wood. I have a lot of trouble cutting my wood for my projects. I am at the point where I take my wood to a friend of mine that has a larger HP table saw. I will call Ridge on 5-6-12 to see if I can up grade the motor on the saw. So be carefull before you buy the Ridge R4512. It's a good looking saw but it has it's limitations.