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Ridgid R4512 as a contractor saw

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Dad's cleaning out the garage and won't be able to use his tablesaw any more. I don't need another cabinet or hybrid saw but if I could break it down with the top and motor less than 17" tall, I can use it. A gurney type deployable base will be in the bed with the saw but likely not under it to meet height requirements. I know the factory sheetmetal legs come off, I also know it will still be quite heavy but I'm more concerned about dimensions than mass and I can't remember if the motor hangs below the upper cabinet part or how tall the cabinet with the table and fence sitting on top will be. Obviously if the fence needs to come off, that won't be a problem to achieve my target height but much taller and it won't fit easily under my tonneau cover over the truck bed.

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Here is the parts diagram.

It looks like the legs and dust tray may be removed.

IMO, retaining the removed parts would be handy when selling in the future to maintain a complete saw for the next owner.

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That appears to confirm what I suspected, the upper cabinet can be removed from the legs and sat somewhere else to be used hopefully without the motor hanging too low interfering with whatever it's set upon. I just need to measure up everything when I'm down there this weekend and make sure it's not too tall.

I had no intentions of discarding any removed part of the saw, it will be worth far less without all the pieces parts.
From looking at a lot of pics like these it appears the differences in how they are made is just how deep, and wide the base needs to be let in, to allow the saw to sit level to the top. I've seen a few modified to slide in and out of truck beds, via heavy duty drawer slides. to roll around bases. worktable affairs.

If nothing else you could keep a 6" Dado mounted.
I have this saws, and as you already know. The legs and dust tray do come off rather easily.
And with the blade set at 90, there would be no issue with the motor. But I never looked at it with the blade set at 45. There is a plate on the back of the saw that let's you in there for maintenance and such. 4 Allen screws hold it. Just pull that plate and set the blade at 45. Easy to check to see if the motor tilts to far to work without the legs.
Another thing to consider is that the dust collection would be blocked. But I think that removable service panel could easily be adapted for that.
Good luck.
I have the craftsman brand of this saw. Just the top is pretty heavy. There's plenty of space between the motor and where the dust chute is.
Thanks, that's good to know, I'll get a chance to look at it more this weekend but as long as I can retract the blade have have the motor above the very bottom of the cabinet, that's all I need.
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