Ridgid - AC9945 Miter Saw Utility Vehicle (Rating: 5)

I can't say enough good things about this stand but I'll try and highlight all the things I like about it . First is the tubing size , it's a whooping 1 3/4" tube , it screams heavy duty . It folds up super easy and stores nicely where ever you put it . The wheels are large and solid and roll over grass and stones with ease . The work extensions aren't nothing fancy but will serve you well , they extend out 32" from the main part and have adjustable stops and work supports . The locks are a simple flip lever that work smoothly . There's a nice littler tray on the main part to the right of the saw for your tape and pencils . Setting up the stand couldn't be any easier , you just step on the foot lock and let gravity do the rest while pulling on the handles .

The entire system in the upright position basically acts and works like a hand truck , the handles above the wheels are your hand grips . To load it in my truck I just roll up to the back spin it around and lay the handles in the bed ,lift up from the bottom and slide it in . For the money you can't beat this stand , I paid $189 at HD . The only negative are the instructions but that's normal for Ridgid , if anyone from there is reading this , you need too work on them . Take some notes from companies like Saw Stop and Micro Jig , they both have outstanding instructions .

Some numbers if your interested : Over all length of this with both extension out is 101" . In the open position it's 58" long and 26" wide , the widest part comes at the wheels . Height while in the vertical is 54 1/2' tall with my miter saw it's 32" deep .