Ridgid - JP0610 6-1/8-Inch Jointer/Planer (Rating: 5)

Bought this a couple of months ago, and I'm not sorry I did. For most of my projects, the capacity of this jointer is perfect. Plus I doesn't take up to much space with the 4 foot bed( Important for a small shop). First let me tell you this thing was set to the tee right from the factory. The bed and fence are dead flat with out the slightest hint of twist. The angles on the fence postive stops are dead to rights. I checked to make sure the knives were set right, and they were perfect out of the box. Now I don't know wether I got lucky or what but everything else seems to be top quality. Already used it for a couple of projects like my bar top, and it's a dream to use. I connected it to my dust collection system and it draws chips just fine. I actually looked at a simlilar delta, craftsman, and grizzly. But this one had great reviews from this site, a coupon ( making it $300), and with the lifetime service agreement I just couldn't pass.