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Ridgid band saw - BS1400

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I just saw an ad on CL for this saw - $250 . He states he's had it 4yrs., but hardly used. I researched and got a few reviews, but I don't know those people! What does everyone think? I don't have a bandsaw now, but money is tight. Would someone make my mind up? Thanks in advance.
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I have not used Rigid but I beleive they are a good brand…
I don't know about that saw but there seem to be alot band saws you can buy used in that price range
The BS1400 is an okay saw, along the same lines as the Central Machinery 32208, or any number of Jet, or Delta 14" cast iron band saws. The 3/4 HP TEFC motor is a good motor, just a little on the under powered side…

Some BS1400s got out the factory door without balanced wheels. Make sure you test run the thing. An out of balance wheel is REAL obvious REAL fast…

If it is a solid saw, and is balanced, that is a fair price on it…
Ive talked to guys that have ridgid band saw and they all seem to like them . I personally don't have one either not that I'm willing to talk about. I think new at H.D. they are 399.00 could be wrong then again maybe you could talk him down just a bit….......................Schloemoe
Rigid seems to be a good brand these days.
A friend of mine around here has there granite top hybrid table saw and it seems to be quite nice. he loves it anyway.
They had the bandsaw setup at our local home depot as usual being on the floor it was trashed but it looked decent. I myself like enclosed cabinets on my tools. call me picky.
Well, you all seemed to hit on the cons I read about (underpowered, wheels out of balance, light base). I used to see them at HD for $399 also, schloemoe, but I haven't been seeing any lately. Also there's tax to consider… I'm going to look at it tomorrow, if it's not sold.

Thank you all for helping, I'll check for comments before I call him. Maybe some new countries to be heard from, for now, it's off to water the plants.
I own one, they're okay but are more finicky than the near identical C Body Jet, Delta, Powermatic, Porter Cable.

1. No quick release on the blade, two screws and you have to take the table off to remove a blade
2. Vibration - typically related to wheels not being balanced, a lightweight stand and/or not positioning the motor correctly during setup
3. Lack of Accessories - Ridgid no longer sells the fence, miter gauge or riser kit.

The good news is since all of the C frame Band Saws come from the same factory the accessories are interchangable.
My local home depot has a sample of it. Looks okay. I would get the Grizzly G0555 instead.
$250 seems steep for that saw used.
Thanks again to all. Nathan, I did not read about the blade changing problems, that puts a whole other spin on it. Knotscott, I was hoping you would chime in, I believe I have come to the same conclusion. There are definately other places I could put that $250 to good use (but I still won't have a bandsaw :(
I have read a lot of reviews on this saw and the consensus seems to be this; if you take some time to extensively tune the saw it is good, otherwise it is not. I think I'd look at the new PC at Lowes for $399 before I went at that for $250. I bought an old JET for $250 a few years back and kick myself everytime I look at it. Too much of a precision instrument to short cut on. JMO.
During the time they were closing out the R4511's, some stores had the BS for $187. My local stores (5-6 of them) havn't had them that low. There's been one at my local HD for $369 for months. I'm still waiting for it to come down but I'm holding my breath. New for $187 would be worth working around the blade change thing. Just my 2c.
I agree with NathanAllen about the Ridgid saw's shortcomings. Mine vibrates like crazy. However Michael Fortune has one and wrote an article in FWW on how he souped it up for better performance. Can't remember which issue tho.
We have used one in the school shop for 3 years now. It has put up with all the abuse freshman can handle. It is a little PITA to change the blade because you have to unscrew the throat cover. I have had a few times where the constant use for 6 hours a day has vibrated the guide blocks loose. Blade tension lever would be nice. the next year we got the delta from lowes, definitely a better saw for the same money. $200 would be a decent buy, $250 an okay buy. $150 most of us would travel for that deal. Shoot him an offer of $200, have cash in hand, see where that gets you.
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