Ridgid - R4512 (Rating: 4)

I bought a Brand new RIDGID R4512 this spring and this is my story.

Got it at HOME CHEAPO 15 miles away. Mother weighed in at 250 plus pounds. Took me and 2 employees to lift it into my truck

Took most of the afternoon to assemble, partially because of my 8 pound water head didn't do it right a couple of times. The MOTOR and table assembly COMES up side down in the box and that is how I cut the box off off it, and it was a real piece of work to get it flipped over with only my self to do it.

One very cool thing is you can wire it for 220volt.

Anyways everything was going great guns….. UNTIL …… I found out the miter slot was NOT parallel with the BLADE! WAY OFF. No problem the manual says loosen the trunnion bolts and tap it into place then tighten the bolts back down..


LOL! After 3 hours of drunken scraped bloody knuckles and endless creative profanities, I gave up and thought of taking it back, but throwing that big B*H back up in my truck and hauling across southern Illinois didn't seem like a good way to spend my already damaged weekend.

SO I Got online and googled the issue… SURE NUFF endless posts and even many YOUTUBE videos all about that particular problem..

Found out there is SOMETHING call ed the PAL alignment system. So I order it SPECIFICALLY for the RIDGID R4512.

Got it a week later! Ready to make saw dust fly.. I thought…

The kit came with 2×9/16" bolts and holes to fit them in the aluminum "L" brackets…. Problem is the new RIDGID R4512 and is bastardized twin Sears Brother come with 10 millimeter trunnion bolts.. AND the "L" brackets are not big enough to fit the TRUNNIONS! SO the bolts don't fit and the Brackets don't fit! PERFECT. Looks like I picked a bad weekend to stop huffing paint!…

BUT I studied the PALs system, ran to the hardware store, got me some aluminum angle bars, a 10mm drill bit and a tap that would fit the PALs adjustment screws.

Took about 10 minutes to dial in the BLADE to the Miter slot and I never looked back. Been a dream ever since.

The saw is ROCK SOLID and tight as a tick. It is so smooth one can balance a Nickel on its' edge on the table Star,t run, then stop the Saw and it will stay put!

The miter gauge this saw comes with is almost useless. One can hear it rattling in the miter slot as you cut stock with it. I got a INCRA V27 and after getting it dialed in it binds up going in the front and coming out the back. Seem the Chinese Political Prisoner who task it was that day was to mill the miter slot had been into the opium and or the Saki that morning as my miter slot is crookeder than a Illinois State Governor. Took some filing but it's as true as it's gunna be. One would think these Chinese Prisoners/Forced Laborers would take more pride in their work…..

My only other complaint is that setting the FENCE to the blade takes some patience as well…