Ridgid - R4511 10 in. Granite Top Table Saw (Rating: 4)

I thought I'd post a review of my Ridgid 4511 Granite table saw for those who are interested. I purchased this in the spring w/ the ultimate power deal (or whatever they call it) for about $450. I've used it for several small projects now and have been pleased w/ the saw, but like most things in life, it wasn't perfect.

Granite top is uberflat. And hard. And rust free.

Nice fence, easy to adjust and accurate, also easy to add faces (UHMW, etc)

Herculift base is really amazing in its ease of use.


Guard is usable. Comes w/ the riving knife/splitter combo that is a pretty good setup.

Bevel changes and blade height changes are smooth and easy.


My first top had the miter slot on the left tapered. It was off by about .050" front to back. I had to exchange the top w/ another one at home depot, or take the saw to a repair shop and wait several weeks for a new one. The problem was fixed, but I would have preferred to just have a new top shipped to me.

1.5 HP motor is adequate, but who couldn't use more power (insert grunting here, ala Tim Taylor). So far I've cut red oak and cherry slightly thicker than 1" w/ no problems though. Also handled tigerwood (extremely hard) at 3/4" w/o problems. Haven't tried any 8/4, etc yet. (All of this done w/ a full kerf freud glue line rip blade)

Dust collection w/ my shopvac setup is really closer to dust accumulation.

Fence had a low spot in the middle, fixed w/ a piece tape when I put the faces on.

Motor cover requires a screwdriver to open (I changed mine to tool-less toggles for $10 and 10 minutes of work.)

Some vibration on shut down. I believe this is the factory belt, but it hasn't bothered me enough to get me to spend the money on a new one.

Overall, I'm very pleased w/ the saw. Some teething problems initially, but now we're up and running. The 2 piece front rail is a potential problem, but w/ careful alignment mine works just fine. It does what it should, and does it well. I really don't think you can touch a saw of this caliber for twice what I paid for it, and even at full msrp, it's a good deal. After doing the research, the next step up seemed like a Grizzly riving knife saw, which is 3x the price. This Ridgid should last me for some time. And w/ the warranty they're offering, it's tough to go wrong.