Ridgid - 16 Gallon ProVac Model WD 1851 (Rating: 5)

I just purchased this Ridgid 16 gallon Wet/Dry Vac. The model is a WD 1851 and I got it at Home Depot for $160. I'm upgrading (I hope) from an older ShopVac I had that's at death's door. This machine seems very nice so far. Nice power cord length and cord seems to stay cool when running. The switch is right up front and very easy to operate. The included hose and accessories aren't bad either. The motor is rated for 12 amps but you won't find that on the packaging anywhere. They try to sell you that it makes 6.5 HP. That is just marketing bs but anyway, the power seems decent. It also acts as a blower by switching the hose to the outlet port. This feature seems like it may be as valuable as the vacuum for cleaning up the shop. My old vac didn't do that so I didn't know what I was missing. It rolls on the floor well. I also purchased the orange upgraded hose. It's 3 feet longer and I'd hoped it would be less stiff. It is also smaller diameter than the hose that comes with the vac. After seeing the larger diameter included hose I'm not sure the "upgraded hose" was worth the $36 bucks. The adapters were all included but they are just that-adapters and I put the wrong ones on the first time-not realizing these things are not intended to come back off. If you buy the orange hose, be sure the adapters are correct before you push them on! The last thing I'll note is the quiet operation. This thing seems to be extremely quiet compared to others I've used.