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Ridge Carbide TS2000 blade on sale $74 + ship

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Woodpeckers has the Ridge Carbide 40 tooth 10 inch blades on sale for $89 minus $15 at checkout if you use the code TS2000. Thick or thin kerf. I just got the email from woodpecker and the sales usually last about a week. "Expires midnight PST THURSDAY 7/16/09"

If you are considering a premium 10 inch blade this blade is every bit as good as a Forrest WWII.

I've posted before that I have a stack of different blades and that over time I migrated to the WWII as my blade of choice. The WWII actually does live up to the hype, it is a top notch blade.

But I heard good things about the TS2000 blades and even at $89 it's often $20 cheaper than a WWII. I bought one when woodpeckers had a free shipping sale and I figure for $89 I'd give it a go. I have a short stack of Forrest blades but the TS2000 is the blade in my saw right now. It is a great blade and I believe it is every bit the blade the WWII is, and that's pretty high praise. Big carbide, flat, runs true, sharp, glue ready edges, definitely a premium blade.
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Thanks for the info and link.

on the same subject - Amazon will once in a while have the forrest WWII for ~$70-$80 for a few days , mostly with free shipping… worth keeping an eye on it.

ridge carbide get really great reviews. if I was in the market for another all-in-one blade right now I'd probably order it myself.
I agree….the TS2000 is every bit the equal of the WWII IMHO, and has bigger carbide. It's very difficult to tell the cuts apart in a side by side comparison between the WWII and the TS2000….the TS2000 may even have a slight advantage, but it's splitting hairs. It's made in the USA, is ground to 1200 grit, and is available in thin and full kerf.

Holbren offers the TS2000 for $89.95 regularly with free shipping, but offers 10% to some forums with the discount code "woodnet10", "SMC10", or "BT310", which puts it at ~ $80 shipped every day.
FWW did a comparison a good while ago comparing different blades. They used some tool to measure the smoothness of cuts and the WWII was on top. Granted, things may have changed since this is an old test, but its pretty telling:

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That is an old test. The validity of any blade test is tough to give 100% absolute credibility to, for a number of reasons. The tests are usually done with one blade….we tend to assume that each blade is representative of the whole, but that may or may not be the case. The fact that so many people have such diverse opinions of the same blades, makes me think that model to model variability is alive and well, and can easily influence the results of a test.
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