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I thought I would post the information I received from Delta in 1997 on how to wire the Delta 34-444 (circa 1990) table saw for either 115 or 220 VAC. I'm doing this because I'm pretty disappointed that this is not a standard set of information in the user manuals, and thought it would be good to have it archived in the internet.

Here is the information, verbatim:

Remove cover from wiring compartment in motor endbell. Inside the compartment you will find different color wires hat terminate in quick connect terminals. These wires are connected to 1/4" male spade terminals which are secured to a white plastic terminal board. The 1/4" male spade terminals are marked with the numbers 1,2,4,5,6.

For 115 volts:
a. Brown and red motor leads are connected to terminal 2
b. Blue motor lead is connected to terminal 4
c. Line 1 of power cord is also connected to terminal 4
d. line 2 of power cord is connected to terminal 1

To reconnect for 230 volts:
a. Remove brown motor lead from terminal 2 and connect it to terminal 6.
b. Remove blue motor lead from terminal 4 and connect it to terminal 2.
c. Do not touch power line connections. Leave them connected to terminals 1 and 4.

Replace the cover on the wiring compartment. Cut the 115 volt attachment plug off the power supply cord and install a 230 volt attachment plug.
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