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I have a G0449. I like it.

It is pretty easy to set up and align. The manual is online if the machine doesn't come in with it, walks you through the process step-by-step with pics. I have my drums aligned to within 0.001" side to side. The regular maintenance procedures are similarly documented and straightforward.

The dust collection works pretty well when hooked up to a.suitable DC. I have a ClearVue CV-MAX, and I don't consider that overkill for the application. In fact, something in that class would probably be the minimum you'd want to use.

It does suffer from all the defects drum sanders normally have. Sandpaper changes are straightforward but take a few minutes. The long drums flex minisculely when rotating leading to waves in the sanding. More noticeable in the middle of the sanding area, not as much near the sides. The amount you can take off in one pass is fairly small, even with coarse sandpaper.

I don't consider the machine to be suitable as a finish sander. You would need to do some hand sanding or other type of surface prep as prior to finishing. Surfaces don't need a lot more prep, just that they do need some.

A.widebelt is a better machine for a number of reasons, but they are also a lot more money. $1200 for that machine seems like a good deal - about 1/3 new cost - if it is in good working condition.

You will need.a.240V/60A circuit for the machine, so make sure you have the electrical capacity.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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