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Review of WoodRiver Shop Lights at

Originally submitted at Woodcraft

Buy Both and Save! Includes the LED Dual Power Shop Light and the LED Dual Power Shop Light with Magnifying Glass.

WoodRiver® Shop Lights

These are Great!

By cmckerliesr from Aberdeen,NC on 12/14/2009

5out of 5

Pros: Attractive Design, Easy To Assemble, Clamp, Lights Work Area Well, Excellent clarity

Cons: Lenght of Arm, Clamp

Best Uses: Work Area, Gifts, Drill Press, Scroll Saw

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

I Am A: Couple No Kids

I have had these for only a short time, but in that time I have already come to really love these lights.

I mention the clamp as a pro and a con, because it holds the lights in place really well. But the con is that if you have a scroll saw like mine (an older Dremel). Then the only place you can clamp the holder too, is about a quarter of inch to small. I had to add a quarter inch spacer to be able to tighten up the clamp. Because of this, it became clear real quick that the light and clamp were in my way. Since there is no metal to stick the magnet too on my scroll saw, I had to attach the clamp to a near by work surface. Then, stretch the arm out.

The magnet is more than strong enough to hold the light and or magnifying light. Once the magnet grab a hold of the clamp or a suitable metal surface, it was pretty much stuck.

The magnifying glass is clear and of excellent quality. If there was one thing I would change, it would be the length of the adjustable arm. While it works great, I just wish, that I could get an inch or two of length added to the arm. It would be a great help. But I can also say that if I did not have a couple of issues with where I had to place the mounting clamp, this arm length would not be an issue at all.

If you are not experienced with using a magnifying light, it takes a little getting use to. I cut out a puzzle using the magnifying glass (it was my firs time using one). I was pleased with how well I was able to see the blade and such, but, as I was cutting out the pieces I noticed they were much smaller than what I usually cut. But that is not not a knock against the magnifying light. As I said it takes a little getting used to and practice.

The light it self is bright. I took the plastic defuser off, because I preferred the way it lit the work area without it. The magnetic base held the light and magnifying light to my drill press exceptionally well.

One thing I really like is the fact that the base for the lights can be mounted using the clamp or using the magnet, attached to the drill press or other metal surface.

I have not used AAA batteries in the lights yet so I can not speak to how long or well they work. But based on my experience thus far I am sure I will not be disappointed once I get around to it. When I do, I will be sure add more review comments.

I could go on about how I did not like using the AC adapter (provided). But since I bought the two lights I got two adapters. I kept one plugged in by my scroll saw and the other by my drill press. Yes I did have to move one a couple of times, when I decided to try the magnifying light in other locations. I am sure this is where the use of the AAA batteries would prove useful. But in reality I am more inclined to use them in only the two locations. While I do have other uses for the magnifying lamp, I will probably just buy another one for that use rather than move the one I currently have around.

To sum this all up. I say if you are in need of a work light or a lighted magnifying work light. Buy these!

Battery door:
I fiddle with things once I get them especially if I plan on using all the available accessories. Even though I did not have any AAA batteries I removed the battery doors on both units. The door did not go back on easily, it took some moving around before I was able to get the two tabs at the bottom of the door to align with the slots.

So that I could close and latch the door. Although, once I got the hang of it, it quickly became a none issue.

I could easily blame all the little issues on bad design, or the lights themselves. But the truth is, I have some unusual circumstances in my small shop which are not the fault of the lights. With little effort I was able to maneuver the lights around to a spot I was comfortable with and complete my tasks. Yes it would of been nice to have an extra inch or two on the arms, and to not have to use a spacer for the clamp in one instance. But I am absolutely 100% satisfied with my purchase and will probably buy a couple more.

Once mounted they stay in place.

Seem to be of good quality.

Strong magnet

Magnifying Glass, clear and good quality.

LEDs bright, not a lot of glare.

Could use a bit more length in the arms.

Clamp should be redone to resolve not being able to clamp it to anything less then a half inch (for most users this will probably never be an issue).

I hope all this helps and that I did not ramble on too much. As soon as I am able I will add pictures too.


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Update to my review

OK, I originally posted a review of these shop lights on and then copied it here because I was to lazy to write it all over again. I just thought that there may be others out there looking for a light and a magnifying light for use in their shop.

Well I have had the chance to use these two lights a lot more recently so I thought I should update my review of them.

I still love these lights. I have now had the chance to run both of them on AAA batteries for about 50 hours (rough guess). I found some old AAA batteries that I did not even remember buying in a drawer. I thought well if nothing else I will at least be able to see what it is like to use the lights without their power cords attached. That was approximately 50 hours of use earlier. I had a ton of Christmas Ornaments that I had promised to people to get done. Which it turned out was perfect because that meant using the magnifying lamp on the scroll saw and the other lamp on my drill press. Even though I spent most of my time at the scroll saw, I did not bother to turn off the lamp on the drill press. I just thought I would see which gave out first.

As it has turned out thus far, they are both running strong.

I can not be 100% positive, but I do believe the lamps are a little dimmer while using the batteries. But that could be a couple of things. One OLD BATTERIES, two I had only used them in the evening hours before. In other words, it was slightly darker when I used the lamps before, most of these last 50 hours were done during daylight hours and it was brighter in the CAN (shop).

So lets cut to the chase. Do I like them? YES Would I recommend them to others? YES (I should also say that these may not be for everyone. Some have said they are not bright enough. Well they are defused LED light, and are not a harsh light like an incandescent bulb so I can see where that comes from. But I like em!)

I prefer to use them without the cord, but will continue to experiment.

I have given my honest and open opinion of these lights or lamps and I hope that if you do read this, it helps you make your decision.

From inside the CAN!
Warmest Regards and Watch Out for Splinters.
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