trend - Tool & Bit Cleaner (Rating: 5)

After reading so many good things about this product, I decided to try it myself. I did a comparison using the Trend Tool and Bit cleaner and just some penetrating oil that I was using before.

First pic shows a saw blade that I've chosen to try the Trend on first. 2nd pic shows how I divided up the saw, into two sides. One side I cleaned with the Trend, and the other with just simple penetrating oil (like WD-40). This one from Ashburns. I let each half of the blade soak in each cleaner for about a half-hour. Wiped off with a cloth, and was pretty amazed on how well the Trend worked. I think I also used an old toothbrush on the tough spots. It also works really well on router bits. I will always keep some of this good stuff on hand!!