Woodcraft - Anti Kickback Safety Rollers (Rating: 5)

I bought these rollers a couple of days ago because my table saw is old and it doesn't have a riving knife and I don't like to use the blade guard. Also I had problems when running long boards thru the table saw that they would try to move away from the fence, so I bought these rollers. I mounted these on my fence with a t-track instead of the rail that it is sold for these. After some simple assembly I started using these and I love them. They hold the wood down to the table and tight up against the fence. You can cut about 2 inches minimum with these installed. I just have to make a new push stick because when cutting thin wood you can't use a tall push stick because the rollers are in the way. The rollers are easily adjusted to different thicknesses of wood with a simple turn of the screw sticking out of the back. Simple and effective.

Overall this product is wonderful and now I feel safer using the table saw because I don't have to worry as much about kickback.