Porter-Cable - 333 Quick Sand Random-Orbit Sander (Rating: 1)

To be blunt, this will be my last Porter Cable Model 333.

It is my third.

The only one I like was bought in 1997, and I still use it.

The one I bought in 2005 is dead.

The one I bought in 2007 stinks.

Now, don't get me wrong. I "used" to love anything about a Porter Cable tool. My first warning sign was my laminate trim router I bought in 1997, and every P-C rep I talked to denied ever hearing about the problem with the collet getting crimped onto the bit shaft and not coming off.

Then, it was a new P-C trim nailer I bought.

Then, it was a router that I bought.

Then, another router that I bought.

Then, the sander in 2005.

Then, this sander in 2007. I'm done with P-C folks.

I don't like anything about this sander, it's use, it's weight distribution, it's dust collection, or anything else I can think of.

When comparing models, apparently the old P-C sander got merged into the Dewalt Sander line, just with the old Gray color from P-C. In the process, they have compromised this sander to the point that it is not any good.

When trying to sand, it wobbles around, and doesn't run smooth.

The dust collection system shoots dust all over the place, and if you are unfortunate enough to be using it with the canister system, you will be greatly dissappointed.

This week, I had to use the canister again as my shop vacuum died. In the course of one hour, I had the dust canister shoot off of the sander three times, and blow dust all over me, my face, and my project. I can excuse the dust on the project, but covering my arms and face with dust is just inexcusable.

Doing it three times in hour is just plain about to get it shot with the shop varmit rifle, the big one with the long magazine of NATO rounds and the big 50mm scope.

I even had blue masking tape wrapped around it after the first time to hold it on, and it blew off again. More tape, and it did it again. Next time I will use duct tape, if the sander lives that long.

When this sander is dead, or I win the lottery, I will be buying a Festool.

Thanks for reading,
Mark DeCou