Pennstate Industries - PSI Collet Chucking System Item LCDOWEL (Rating: 5)

I finally ordered one of these collet systems from PSI because it has more range than the collets I how have and they can be used in the wood lathe or the metal lathe .
All the collets came wrapped in plastic bags and oiled and the whole set is in a red plastic box.
The collet holder is threaded for 1"-8 and it has a 3/4- 16 adapter for use on a mini lathe too.
I thought the best way to evaluate them was to use an indicator and check for run out with a ground pin of the nominal sizes of the collets. I used hardened ground dowels and had to use an Adapter on the 1 1/4"-8 Nova Lathe and the 1 1/2"-8 Southbend lathe.

The first thing I did was to check the runout of the collet holder on the adapter. In both cases, there was .001 runout. That will add to the collet runout and I measured and reported the total here that you would see on a part used in the collet.

The numbers I posted here is the TOTAL INDICATOR RANGE of each collet and THE RUNOUT IS HALF OF THAT. I also have a set of Southbend collets and nylon collets I made for use in the 4 jaw chuck and added them all for comparison to see if I will have an improvement by buying this system.

PSI on Nova- PSI on Southbend-Southbend collets on Nova- Nylon collets on Nova

1/4" .0035 .004 .0035 .014

3/8" .004
.006 .002 .015

1/2" .002
_.0025 .004 .004

5/8" .003
.003 n/a _ .006

3/4" .002
.007n/a_ .021

If needed, some of these could have been tapped to bring them closer to right on, but they are more than adequate for wood working and very good for metal working as well. I would highly recommend these collets for the price of $90 for the set . There are other sets for sale as much as $160 and I doubt they will be any closer to concentric than these.

I have posted pictures below of the product and the readings on the various machines. The last shot show a 1/2" piece extending all the way through the Nova lathe. I drilled out the Penn State Adapter to 17 /32".

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