JET - JPS-10XL30CW, 10" Left Tilt ProShop Table Saw w/ 30" ProShop Fence (Rating: 5)

This is my first tool review and I know it is not something new to the market, but still sold so, I figured I would throw it out there for others.

Recently bought a JET Hybrid Table Saw JPS-10 . Up until now I had my dad's hand-me-down, 30-year-old Delta/Rockwell, 1-hp Model 9 Contractor Saw. The fence was horrible, it had metal lattice work wings (finger catchers), a bearing had gone in the motor and it was loud as hell (forget the dime test, it couldn't pass the push stick test… where I leave a push stick on the table top and it vibrated off). Then in the midst my last project, the worm drive that raised the blade fell out of alignment and only had 1/2" of vertical play. So I decided it was time for her to retire.

Experience level:
Always hard to gauge on a personal level… perhaps advanced novice. I enjoy working with wood. Learned growing up from my dad; as I got old he told me I had a bull in a china shop mentality which was great for rough work but lousy for finish work… I took that as a challenge to learn the patience needed to do finish carpentry. Been working at it for the past 7 years or so I guess. I have done larger scale projects like coffered ceilings, built in bookshelves, custom door frames; mid-sized furniture like desks, tables and credenzas and smaller projects like boxes, end tables, toys and lettering.

Thought Process:
Just to share my thinking on what got me here because I found it helpful to know people's motivation in making purchases like this.

I spent waaaay too many hours over thinking my second TS but first TS purchase. I knew some of the things I wanted but I was really surprised how flooded the market was. I do not have 220v in my basement shop and I have a slightly small door leading downstairs. So as much as I would have liked a cabinet saw, even looking at the used one's on Craig's List (a source I am very comfortable with and buy a fair number of tools from), once I tallied up upgraded electrical service and likely a new fence and even wondering if it would fit in the basement, I kind of ruled that out.

After kind of ruling out a cabinet saw, I looked at the current selection of hybrid and contractor saws out there both used and new. Seemed like the best idea to go with the hybrid style if I was going to buy it new… why go with an old design nowadays. Based on the perceived value I placed on it, I really had it down to the Grizzly Hybrid and a Ridgid 4512. Personally, I was not real keen on mail ordering a TS without ever touching it and with the Griz of Ridgid, that would be what I had to do… no HD within countless miles had one in stock. I kept kind of eyeing the Jet Proshop, and upon reading reviews of it, it seemed that it was a great saw, just kind of overpriced for what you get. I liked the price of the Ridgid, but I also had to factor in shipping and a new fence to the bottom line. Oddly enough, I found a Woodcraft that I had never been into and stopped to look at a lathe they had on sale and low and behold, I found a floor model JET Proshop assembled at Woodcraft for 30% off because JET was replacing the splitter with the riving knife. This was a great deal IMO and I have read about after-market riving knives you can add for less than my discount, so I figured no downside.

So thoughts on the saw… in a word "love". It is a great upgrade; more horsepower, bigger blade and tighter fence than before. I have not run a lot of stock through it, but I was in the midst of building a desk for my daughter when the old saw died. Most of the oak was already ripped, but I still had to cut some Brazilian Rosewood and Purpleheart inlays to the top. It sliced through it no problem; the hard wood did not cause any slowdown and the Rosewood was a thin piece to start with and it split it perfectly (thank goodness the fence sits so square). Mine came assembled and kudos the folks at Woodcraft in their assembly, everything was square when I got it in my shop :) The fence is super easy to adjust and lock in. I stuck on the ruler that it came with but still have the habit checking with my tape measure (my old fence needed a quadruple check to get any squareness) but every time it is setup perfect.

I ultimately needed to rip and join some oak as accent pieces on the desk and a piece I had previously ripped that I thought was square baffled me because when I put it on the table against the fence, it was not square. I thought the fence was off, but it was the wood from my old table. So long story long, fence is great, some people reported some flex that can be shimmed out, I have not had that yet.

There are a lot of nice little features that perhaps all the new TS have but I did not realize were there. To change the blade, there is a button you can push on the table to lock the arbor and then use a wrench to remove the collar. Unnecessary? Sure, but it is a nice bonus. The miter track is also a T-track, again, a nice feature. The location of the power button and the large paddle for the off switch is great too. In fact, I inadvertently hit it with my hip while pushing an awkward piece of wood, so it definitely works in a panic like that.

The saw is substantial. It is much heavier than my old saw, but the base and feet are also better positioned and it sits soundly on the ground. No wiggle or pushing even pushing long oak boards through it. It is incredibly quiet (again my contrast might not be the best), but I was surprised how quietly it fired up and ran. The footprint is larger compared to my old saw. I have it in the same spot in the shop, but it is earmarked for a reconfiguration because of the new saw. Would have been nice if they included a dado insert, but I will pick up a zero clearance addition, nbd.

Anyway, I am very happy with the purchase. I know there is a lot of talk around these parts about "it is just $xxx less than a cabinet saw", but is very true, but is you can do everything you need to do for $xxx less, that is $xxx more you can spend on lumber or other toys ;) That aside, it for me it wasn't the tool price per se but the price coupled with needing to upgrade service, get it delivered, etc (I got the JET saw with my dad borrowing a friend's pickup truck. Adding another 150-200lbs to the equipment would have prohibited that).

Everyone has to look at their own scenario, but I think this saw is a great combination of power, features and price… at least at the price I paid for it and it will probably last me until I hand it down to one of my kids and buy the next iteration, like my dad did.