MortisePro Plus - Mortise and Dowel hole jig (Rating: 5)

We are interested in demonstrating, and letting folks use a new mortise and dowel hole jig, for response and interest to help with how well it will be received in the market place, within 300 miles of Austin / San Antonio TX, or more if necessary ?? Anyone interested ?

There are no wood shows to go to, to demonstrate this jig, so we are looking for individuals, a wood working club, or group of woodworkers to demonstrate it to, and let them use, for feed back. No cost or obligation. If you don't do much dowel or mortise and loose tenon joinery because of difficult setup, inaccurate holes and non-repeatable production, this jig will make you go WOW !! Please respond so we may help you with your projects !!

Here is a 3 minute video making 8 dowel holes accurately for a small picture frame AND inserting dowels and assembly in real time. To do mortises with loose tenons you just route out the distance between the holes. If you want to switch from dowel holes to mortises, all you have to do is change your mind. Do 45 degree corners just as easy. Set up is very easy as well, and you can go from 1/4" stock to 6" in less than a minute or two. VERY accurate and repeatable.