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Retrofit Filter Cartridge Kit for DC Cyclone

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Has anyone ever replaced the bag on their dust collector with a more efficient retrofitted pleated catridge filter? I am interested in doing this for several reasons - 1) they have a smaller footprint than my hanging bag and can be wall mounted, 2) you get significantly more surface area for dust to collect, 3) many come with a clean-out on the bottom to remove only the super fine dust that settles, 4) they collect all they way down to 0.3 Micron particles. If anyone has done this, could you share your experience and possible who you got the kit from? I want this to go with my 2hp Penn State blower motor. Thank you.
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Check out Wynn filters. That's the most popular option and ClearVue uses them on their cyclones.
I put the Wynn filter on my Harborfreight DC. It was a very easy retrofit and I'am very pleased with it. Was a bit pricey though.

Here's the link…
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