Rockwell - 46-525 (Rating: 5)

I found this Delta Lathe off of Craigslist for 450.00.. I have been looking for this particular lathe for years.. I passed up a chance to buy one about 15 years ago..and regretted it ever since.. when I got this one home.. it was not in bad shape, but I wanted to really refurbish it and give it a new life.. It's solid..I mean solid!! heavy cast iron everything..I could not find any of the blue/gray paint that Rockwell/Delta uses, so I completely sanded off all the old paint all the way down to the bare steel and applied 4 coats of Rust-oleum Hammertone silver paint.. I was very happy with the results.. I replaced bearings, and bushings as well and the live center and took apart the dead center and honed it to a needlepoint and sharpened the studs to a razor sharp so it will not allow the wood to slip during turnings. I want to send out all the handles and turn-wheels to be chromed and polished. The lathe came with the motorbox that I remounted on the front and cleaned it up good.. I replaced the cord with a 12 guage heavy duty cord and made it 12 feet long to give it plenty of slack..I will be running the cord inside and out the back of the lathe later. The motorbox has a speed dial, off/on switch, as well as a reversing switch which I love.. the head of this lathe is an "Indexing" head with is perfect for "fluting" or "reeding" spindles. The Motor is a 1 1/4 HP DC motor.

While I have not actually used the lathe yet since I was soo busy restoring it..I can't wait to get into the shop after the weekend and give it a run for it's money..but I will say this.. I think these old machines are very well made and well worth the money restoring them and I know this lathe will be in my family for generations to come..