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Replacing 5/8" arbor nut for my table saw

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Can anyone recommend a supplier that would have a reverse thread 5/8" arbor nut and washer? I'm not coming up with much success. I believe my saw has a left tilt and I measured the threads at 12/inch. It's an Enlon table saw. Enlon was bought out by Star in the 90s and there's next to nothing on either of those companies via any web search so I'm hoping to find a hardware supplier out there who can help.

Many thanks!

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id try fastenal
Doubt that you will find one at any hardware or fastener supplier. I'd buy a Craftsman or Delta nut/washer and odds are that they will work.
Maybe I'm not understanding, but why do you specify "reverse thread"?
Tablesaw arbors are normal clockwise right handed threads.
Any hardware store carries 5/8-11 nuts….and a washer is a washer.
It should only be left-hand thread on a right-tilt saw where the motor is on the opposite side of the blade.
Go here -

Thanks LongHair,
I was thinking of a belt driven contractor saw, not a direct drive.
Makes sense now.
Mike, The world opened up to me when I started phrasing my search with left handed and not reverse thread. McMaster is a great resource. Thanks! This is what I'm looking for…

I am replacing my Craftsman saw with the Enlon and was hoping I could just switch out the nut and washer but the treading is opposite. I may have worded it wrong in my description, but it requires a left handed thread for a right tilt saw.

I really appreciate the quick responses. This forum is the best.
My contractor type saw uses a left handed nut, but the arbor threads are square cut. I've never seen a nut with square cut threads at Mcmaster Carr or anywhere else. That's why I think you need to be looking at a saw company for a replacement.
That's a good point, Joe. What saw are you referring to? Since Enlon is long gone, I'll have to find a different manufacturer to deal with.
What Joe says about the "square cut" thread is right on…referred to as an ACME thread..and is what you usually see on saw arbors. I'd add the ACME thread to your search criteria, providing it is indeed what is on your arbor.

You said 5/8" by 12 threads per inch, standard is 11 threads per inch, so you are starting off with an OEM
thread. If it has square cut threads-acme- then you are upping the ante once again. Hopefully the company
outsourced the arbor and nut and you will be able to find the nut from another saw manufacturer. The only
problem is most companies only list this type of nut by part number, not by size and thread pitch and type,
so you may have an uphill battle. I wish you luck. Chicago should have a big tool repair shop/store somewhere
close you could talk to, or try someone like www.toolrepair

My saw is a United, but it is a Delta knock-off made in Taiwan over 20 years ago.

I think that a Delta 36-675 is what these copies are based on.

The Delta P/N for the left hand arbor nut is: 1344990, and the flange (blade washer) is 1344991. It is important to use the proper washer. An ordinary flat washer is not appropriate.

Here is the website that I got this info from.
If anyone is still looking for the Delta 1344990 left handed nut it is going to be a long wait. I ordered one in May and it is still on factory back order! Delta said that there was one available in the U.S. but when I call the repair shop they said that they had sold the ony one they had and were waiting the same backorder from the factory. I asked a machine shop if they could make one (or twenty) for me but they said that the cost of the die was cost prohivited.
...what seems like such a simple and occasionally replaced part is as rare as Faberge egg.
It has now been 9 months without being able to use my Delta saw because of a back order on a nut. Come on Delta, WAKE UP! No one allows a factory back order to last this long.
A machine shop can make one for you. Have two made at same time. One other bizarre option is to have them weld over the existing threads, turn and re-thread the arbor to use a more common and available nut.
the only exception being a pinned, keyed or any shaped arbor other than round:
ANY saw with the nut on the right of the blade will be right hand thread. With the nut to the LEFT of the blade it will be a left thread otherwise the blade will come loose when you load it up.

any machinist worth their salt should be able to make one even if it is a square, acme or butress thread
A member of the OWWM forums, franks44, machines Delta arbor nuts out of bronze that are beautiful, and inexpensive.
You could do like I always do-buy a new saw, take the nut off, and throw the new saw away.
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