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Replacing 3 ph motor with single ph

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Hey everyone. Got a great deal on a Vega lathe but it has a 3 phase motor in it. I need to replace the motor with a single phase one. Aside from just changing the motor, anybody got any thoughts on what else I might have to do (rewireing inside lathe etc???)

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possibly the switch…
3 phase had a starter for it. You can still use those components and just run the 110 or 220 across the contacts. Just wont need the transformer that cut the 3 phase to single for control.
I agree 100% with Rick. I also have a VFD on my unisaw and would not go back to single phase. You can still use the original 3 phase starter that came with the lathe to control the VFD. The VFD I purchased was also from factorymation, 220V single phase input and 3ph output. The cost? $149….A lot cheaper than trying to find a single phase motor, switches and the labot to install it all.
WOW! Great replies. The unit that I'm looking is a 220 Volt 3 phase. I have no problem leaving it 220V as I have 220 throught my shop. The 3 phase was the problem. I think that I will go the VFD route, which one of these units do I need if I plan to keep it 220 volt? I plan to use 220V single PH input. Thanks everyone.
Sorry, it's a 1HP 220V 3PH motor in the lathe now.
Thanks so much Rick
Pat… is the VFD that you will need. It is 220V single phase input and 230V 3ph output
I D/L the owners manual for the VFD and looked it over and I have to ask, is this something that the average person can hook up? I'm a retired 30 year heavy equipment mechanic and have built street rods my entire life but I've not worked a lot with AC elect. Any thoughts?
I wired mine with a little help from the guys at owwm. I am somewhat challenged when it comes to motors and controls. It is VERY easy. if I can do it I know you can. I do have a schematic I can email to you that shows how to wire the VFD and a separate switch.
Ken, that would be a great help I'm sure. I plan to call FactoryMation tomorrow and order the part. Thanks, again, for you help. I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
Ordered my VFD today. The folks at FactoryMation are great to work with!! Still looking for any opperating info on this Vega 170 lathe. If anyone knows of a source please relay that info to me.
Well I got the VFD today and installed it. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT over the old belt tensioning system that was on it. Just push an up or down arrow and away we go! Wonderful, thanks for the great advice.

I called VEGA and while extremely friendly they were not able to help me with documentation on this lathe. The only advice they could offer was to perhaps contact some votec schools in my area to see if they had on of these lathes. They were sold as "teaching lathes" and they understand that there are quite a few in use today.

So unless I come across something in the next week, I'll be on the phone trying to track down some manuals. I would like to re-condition this thing just for grins and giggles. Thanks again for the GREAT tip on the VFD.
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Great information here….I enjoyed the reading….
Glad to hear to it worked out for you. now lets see some projects from the lathe
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