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replacement tote

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Does anyone have a good source for a replacement tote for some handplanes that I have with some cracks in them? I downloaded the plans from Lee valley, and may attemp to build my own. I don't know if I am skilled enough for that yet, so I was hoping for a back up plan.

Thank You,
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have some confidence in yourself - I believe most people here would make their own - even if it wasn't broken ;)

give it a shot - and if it doesnt work out for you - give it another shot until it does.
What better way to hone your skills , than to jump in and do it. I seriously doubt you'll screw it up, but if so it's just a little wood. The experience will be invaluable. Even failure is never really failure, because you always learn from it. I just looked at your project. If you can build that plane, there's no way you can't do a plane tote.
Shawn - I'd be surprised if Lee Valley doesn't sell replacement handles. Hartville Tool has nice rosewood handles, and Highland Hardware sells several parts.

I visited Lee Valleys site and cannot locate the tote plans you mentioned. Where did you find these.

I found a link to them here. I think the title of the topic was How to drill a hole in a plane tote. I will see if I can track down the link for you. Here it is…

Thank you all for the confidence booster. I will see what I can do and post the results
Shawn - I think you should make your own. I an by no means an artisan but I made a handle for and old handsaw. I had never tried the intricate work before but it came out great. I take a little more pride when I pick up that handsaw now. Give it a shot. You will be proud of yourself.
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