Woods - Outdoor Weatherproof Wireless Remote Control 32555 (Rating: 4)

Need a remote power switch for your dust collector or other accessory? While all of my tools are mounted on mobile bases, I got tired of having to move things aound to get to the dust collector power switch. My DC is a cheapo from Harbor Freight, so it didn't come with a remote. A quick perusal of the box stores online found this at Wally World. Rated at 13A it's enough for my small DC and is rated for outdoor use, so water and humidity aren't an issue. The receiver just plugs inline at the power source. The transmitter now hangs on my toolbox. It's about the size of a vehicle remote. Just 2 buttons, on & off. I've only had it a week, so I don't know about reliability, but it functions wonderfully. At ~$14 it's a cheap, easy add on remote control.

2/11/14 - almost a year and still working fine.
11/20/15 - Lasted about 1-1/2 yrs. The remote OFF button gradually stopped working. Tried various cleaning methods none worked. Replaced with a Defiance brand from HD for $10.