Stanley - Remote Control Power Hub (Rating: 4)

I paid $21 for this Stanley Remote Control Power Hub. I rated it 4 stars because the remote sender has a four position channel selector while the receiver outlet head is preset at the factory to a channel number label on the back of the unit. So, you can only set for one channel. Having said that it does not interfere with my Lone Ranger III unit.

It is rated at 15 amp and 1875 watts. That is sufficient to run my vacs at least. It says it will broadcast up to 100 feet… I tested at 25 feet direct line of sight and it worked fine. I didn't need any more. Also, the transmittter has a telescoping antenna that seemed old school. You may have to extend it to get more distance… I didn't need to for my application.

Overall I thought it a decent buy and would recommend. I don't think it is on par with the more expensive Lone Ranger III but I will eventually test it by running my router and vac together.

The Lone Ranger III only has one receptacle while this Stanley unit has three so the Stanley may be the more convenient if you want to run two lighter duty tools simultaneously. Basically I think it was originally designed to control Christmas lighting.

Amazon has the unit for $18.75.