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Recommended Band Saw Blade?

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I took a look at the reviews and saw a ton of reviews for table-saw blades. While I'll take that information with me when I upgrade my TS next month (woohoo!!), I was hoping to pick the 11,000 brains on LJ to see what the recommended BAND SAW blades were. I've used blades purchased at the big-box stores and found them lacking in durability and sharpness. Also, I have picked up a nicer blade or two from Rockler and Woodcraft (Timber Wolf I believe) and it appears that paying a little extra does yield a better return.

Obviously, when talking about BS blades we have to break it down a little bit. A resaw blade is WAY different from a curve-cutting blade. So let's throw out ideas for both types.

What do you consider the best RESAW blade? I've seen many recommendations for a 1/2" Woodslicer blade. Is this consistent or do folks have a different preference?

What do you consider the best CURVE-CUTTING blade? I try to use the smallest blade possible when cutting my boxes and smaller pieces. I usuallly go with a 3/16" blade or at most a 1/4" for this application. I'd love to find a durable and sharp little blade for this kind of work.

I look forward to your recommendations!
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Lennox blades are awesome, finest blades I know of, I used their metal cutting blades most of all. They are the best I've seen. Their saber saw blades are the best also, along with their hole saws.
The absolutely best resaw blade I have ever used is the Woodslicer.
Otherwise, I've used Timber Wolf for normal cutting.
I agree with Sawdust2. When I got my Grizz bandsaw, I tried the blade that came with it. Then I tried a Woodslicer and the Timberwolf! The difference was dramatic - like a hot knife through butter, as they say. I bought directly from Highland and the deal was that if you bought 3 blades they gave you the 4th free. Usually, it is the least expensive one you get free…in this case, it was the most expensive one that was free. I bought both 1/2" resaw blades and 3/8" curve cutting blades.
I am with Lee as well. I never unboxed the blades that came with my saw and the riser block. I use only Timberwolf and Wood Slicer blades on my saw.
Another vote for the Woodslicer resaw blades.
I've used Lenox and Timberwolf blades with good results. One thing I really liked when I bought my Timberwolf blades was dealing with Suffolk Machinery…they're excellent at helping you determine what blades you need, as opposed to relying on me to guess what I needed. They ask about your saw, what types of things you cut, cutting frequency, etc. and make a recommendation based on your needs. They also offered new customers a chance to buy 4 blades for the price of 3 ("443 deal).
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