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I am going to be building 4in1 crib and dresser for my daughter. I need to purchase some tools to do the job. I would appreciate your recommendation on these tools. Please feel free to comment on any one or all of them. Are the ones I listed good or would you suggest something else?

1. Tenoning Jig: I was looking at the one at Woodcraft.

2. Mortise chisels & bits: I was looking at Lee Valley.

3. Bandsaw fence: I was looking at Woodhaven.

4. Bandsaw blades: I was looking at Highland Woodworking-Wood Slicer.

5. Drill Press table: I was looking at Woodpeckers.

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Hi Tom, on the bandsaw blades I use Woodslicer because the reviews I found at the time was really good, I like them they cut great but they don't seem to last as long as I would like for the price ! I've been looking around and came across some really good reviews on the Accuright blades by Carter as you might know they make great bandsaw guides etc. I called Carter and spoke to a rep . he stated they stay sharp longer and cut smoother because the steel they use is harder than the competitors .I have not tried their blades but after talking to him I'm going to order a couple. Heres a link to their site

On the drill press table You do a great job making stuff !! I'd make my own their super easy to make . I'm not sure but I think 99.9% of them that you'll buy are made out of MDF and in some of the reviews I've read alot of them come warped right out of the box … I just went to Mls & WoodPeckers and woodPeckers seems like a really nice one for the price…
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Hi Tom. I will weigh in on two of the items.

1. Band saw blades - Timberwolf has terrific blades that are highly recommended by many LJs. I am on my first one, purchased within the past 9 months or so and I find it to be great for resawing and all functions.

2. Mortise chisels and bits - You picked the best as far as I am concerned. I don't own them but all reviews I have read indicate that these are top-notch chisels/bits and I plan to buy some one day.

Good luck on your purchases and on your project for the little one.
No.'s 2, 4, and 5 I'm very familiar with and all have great ratings. The Wood Slicer might be the best blade on the market the only draw back is the price. Twice as much as Timber Wolf Blade which also have great reviews and my personal favorite. The Woodpecker's drill press table is nice but can be build with the same results, not a very technical piece of equipment. Check out the build that our very own LJ's have made you might be surprise to fine one that suit your needs. I not to familiar with woodcraft Ten. Jig. Lee Valley is one of my favorite places to shop, I've yet to be disappointed. Just my opinion hope this helps, good luck…Blkcherry
I only feel qualified to speak on the drill press table. If I were to buy one, Woodpecker would be my first choice. However, I think any good woodworker should be able to build their own in less than 2 hours and with material cost of about $30. Here is the one I built /

If I were to make this again I would make one change. I would let the t-tracks run all the way to the edge. That would make it easier to sweep out the shavings in the t-track with a brush.
Greetings Tom : You have named some great products here, and all will be used now and later on
other projects… I know… I own them all, except the tenoning jig… mine is a Delta I've had for many years. As RJ and blackcherry stated above, you can make your own d.p. table. I made mine about 10 years ago, and it's held up great. Mine's made up of 2 layers of Baltic Birch plywood, and laminated… the fence, also, and T-tracks, and stop blocks. If you make it, you'll be proud you did…'s a shot of mine….
Hi Tom!

I will say that Woodpeckers has high quality stuff. I bought a Router Table Top from Woodpeckers and it is really high quality. I would be interested in what type of fence system you choose for the bandsaw. I am thinking about restoring an old bandsaw.

3fingerpat: I already have a new Powermatic mortising machine.
Tom, you have obviously already done your home work. I think all of those are good choices. Of course there might be other brands just as good, but I'm assuming these are the most available to you. That sometimes is the deciding factor for me.

I agree with Rj. I would probably make my own drill press table now. I have the Rockler, and while it is OK for the price, I don't care for the MDF. I've already had to modify the T-track to keep it from pulling loose when I clamp things down (it's not that old either)

I have the Steel City tenoning jig. It works great. It's basically a Delta. There are several brands that look alike.

Kreg makes a good band saw fence too, if you haven't already looked a it. I made my own. Works well if you want to save money and have the time.
Hi Tom…

I have a Rockler tenoning fixture & find it works well. I also have a Kreg band saw fence with resaw guides (see link) & micro adjuster & have written a review at Rockler on the guide. (see link) I have some "Timberwolf" band saw blades from Woodcraft & fiind that they work very well for intricate or re-saw work. (depending on the width of the saw blade)
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