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Like PurpLev said, used Delta, Jet, Grizzly off Craigslist.

Depending on the model of Delta you purchased I think you want to get something more meaty than a benchtop. Contractors or Hybrid are possible in your range, assuming you find a closeout or a gently used one. A couple other options below.

The 1980's Craftsman (by Emerson) are reliable cheap used saws.
For new the Craftsman 22124 - Manufactured by Orion (Same as Steel City Cabinet except the C'man only has 1.75 hp instead of 3hp) These have been showing up on the Sears Outlet in the $400-$500 range. "Rumor" is that they are closing out the sales of the cast iron model for a granite top version. Combined with one of the regular 5-15% Sears deals you could get that closer to $400 for an Orion built hybrid.

Mostly low quality, but for an intermediate cheap saw the Ryobi BT3K series (also Crasftsman 22819) can be tuned to make decent cuts. In the $150-$200 range used they're a bargain
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