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Depending on what is available in the used market, you can get a LOT of saw for not a lot of money if you are careful with how you shop.

Thoroughly check out whatever saw you buy. The above listed saws, Emmerson built Craftsman and Ridgid saws are excellent and can be had cheap. The Orion built Craftsman Zip Code saws also can be had cheap IF you get lucky. A prime condition Ryobi BT3100 is a LOT of very accurate saw for not a lot of money. Not it's not a Unisaw, but for what it is it is a very tough saw to beat, and the heart of my shop….

If I hadn't gotten the deal on my BT3100 that I did, I would have snagged a cast iron topped Emmerson built Craftsman or Ridgid Saw… Or even a TTI / Ryobi built Ridgid TS3650 / TS3660 as those are all great saws for the money, and are often seen around here under $300.00
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