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Recommend a handsaw

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I'd like to invest in a good to high-quality handsaw for all-purpose work. I know handsaws tend to be more specialized than that, but I'd like a saw that is good for cross-cutting small workpieces and perhaps other operations.

I'm more of a power tool guy, but there are times when setting up a power tool doesn't make sense for the task at hand. My current main handsaw is a Shark Japanese pullsaw that I use mostly for flush-cutting. On other cutting tasks, it doesn't work so well and I know I'm missing out on that AHA moment…you know, like when you use a well-tuned plane for the first time, you think, "hey, maybe I wouldn't mind jointing this board by hand". Well, I figure maybe if I get a proper handsaw, I might actually find myself wanting to handcut some dovetails one day….

Considering one of the Veritas saws…carcass, cross-cutting, dovetail. Seems like the cross-cut would be the best fit? What do you think?,42884,42884
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Saws are specialized. Dovetails are cut with a fine tooth rip tooth. Cross cuts are a different tooth configuration, and rip tooth blades are even different from what you would use for the dovetails.
Lee Valley has some quality stuff. Just buy what you need keeping in mind that there is no "do-everything" saw.
I have the same Bad Axe Jack Saw filed hybrid and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Worth every penny…
Oh dear. Those Bad Axe saws are definitely expensive! Not sure I do enough handtool work to justify THAT much money on a handsaw, lol.
The Veritas set is reasonably affordable and lets you do everything reasonably well….

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