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Reclaimed Mahogany

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Good morning! I'm new to this site as a regisgered user but have enjoyed reading many of the posts as a guest in the past. I just bought some mahogany from someone last week and I am torn over whether or not I should use it or sell it to someone for its historical significance. The wood was used in WW 2 as shipping crates for aircraft parts sent to France. I bought about (75) 4/4×10 x 96 boards and around 40-50 boards that are 4 feet long. If I were to sell them, I do not know where to start looking for a buyer - any thoghts?


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Welcome Jim. Where are you located. Might help with a prospective buyer to know where ya live.

I live in Mason Tn. (About 30 miles east of Memphis) As I stated earlier, I am pretty much torn over whether to use it myself or not. I have been doing woodwork for probobly 30 years, but not to the caliber that I think I would need for wood as nice (and historical) as this. 24 of them still have the stenciling on them (for example - " FR FRENCH FORCES THRU TRANS MAAG OFFICER, INDO-CHINA") They could probably be put back together as crates for a museum or made into nice furniture.

Thanks for the help!

Jim, I'd love to see some photos of this mahogany if you have them.
Thw WW2 museum in New Orleans is a really nice one. You might shoot them an email and let them know what you have.

thanks for the great posts. I am trying to figure out how to post the pictures I have.



Here are the pictures of the mahogany.

thanks again,

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Try craigslist in your area.
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