Central Machinery - Model 38144 13" 16 Speed Drill Press (Rating: 5)

I really don't where to start with this review simply because I have seen other post on here mostly on the negative side because obviously people are morons and shouldn't be near a toy drill let alone a real one.
Also I made this purchase a while back and don't recollect the exact price. But if I bought it then it had to be under 300 bills,

Let me start I guess with the pro's (please keep in mind my prior experience with a drill press's was a dinosaur from the late 40's)
The owners Manual- Can't get any clearer than this. Simple to understand. plain english read it and you will understand it. the diagrams are clear as a bell.

Assembly- Again read the instructions your not building a space shuttle folks. Yoiu will need a second person to help with the assembly if you purchased the floor model. Although I know some guy that could pick this with a single hand. Damn loggers always showing off lol.

the fact i can swing the table out of my if i need to is a plus, or if i need to put the table at an angle its simple enough to do.

Belt tension/adjusting speed/ replacing belt mechanism. Again I don't how much easier this can get, loosen the nut for motor, move the lever, move the belts where you need them. press the tension lever back till the belts are taunt, tighten the nut for the motor. simple.

Power- for what i use it for and the materials i use it on this has always been enough to get the job done,

Variable speed chart and diagram.- so when you pop open the top lid to adjust the speed, right there is a reference diagram, on the left it shows where to put the belts for the different speed. on the right it tells you what speed to use for the size drill you are using and for the different materials best suited for that speed and drill bit. If you use this guide you shouldn't have any problems with bogging down, unless your bits are dull.

Okay the Cons,
My only complaint would be for me I think they could have provided a couple extra feet of power cord. It's a minor thing and something I can easily remedy.

On a side note. If you want a rectangular table, you will have to purchase an after market as the one they give you is circular. so don't gripe if you buy this drill press about the table.

for value I myself would have to give this 5 stars.
for ease of use in all aspects, including adjustments etcetera again 5 stars.
for power again another 5 stars.
this isn't a high end machine but it is not a cheap throw away either. You will get your moneys worth with out a doubt.