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Re Building Ridgid Batteries

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Ever had a battery go bad? I had two Ridgid batteries go bad. They were not part of the life time guarantee so I had nothing to loose.

I was at Menards the other day and they had Tool Shop 18 volt Lio Ion batteries on sale for 14.99 each. I picked up to. The pack is very similar to the Ridgid Pack.

When I opened the Tool Shop Packs I found 5 cells, I removed the cells and then opened up the Ridgid Pack and carefully removed the cells from the spot welded tabs. I marked the polarity of each cell and soldered in the new cells. The Tool Shop cells fit perfectly. I then reassembled the Ridgid pack, and tried it in my drill. I powered up as normal. I then installed the pack in the charger. The diagnostic light on the charged flashed as normal and then it went into its charging mode. 30 minutes later the battery was charged. I then repeated the steps on the next pack.

I now have two more battery packs for my collection of cordless Ridgid tools.

With these Lio Ion batteries be so expensive it is sure worth rebuilding them.
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Wow, nice save! Those batteries can get to be VERY expensive!
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