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Re-adjusting speed selector

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At the school for kids where I teach woodturning, a student turned the speed selector lever all the way to the right, past the max speed of 3,000 rpms on our Jet 1442VS lathe. Now when the red arrow is pointed at 3,000 the actual speed is 450.
I want to reset the dial, but I'm not sure how to go about it. There's a set screw for the handle, but I don't want to loosen it and start turning the handle with the lathe not running. Any advice?
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First, make sure the belt is fully seated in both adjustable pulleys.
Kim-Ouch! This is one of the downsides to a Reeves drive … dealing with it can be a difficult task. I don't have a Jet lathe but had a similar problem with a Delta at a tech school where I was taking classes a few years back … never did get it resolved before I left.

In case you don't have a manual:
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