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quick change drill chucks

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I'm looking for a way to make quick bit changes in my drill press. There are several on the market which work with hexagonal shaft bits, but it's hard to tell whether they align bits well enough for drilling. Anyone tried this?
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I'm not sure I would use one in the drill press. Every one I've used seems to have quite a bit of play in it. Those type drill bits seem to be more expensive also. Have you looked at a keyless chuck?
No quick change for me on the DP. Hand held ok, but I get better accuracy with the old Jacobs chuck.
I use them in hand held , but I too doubt if they would work very well in a drill press, too much wobble.
They make keyless chucks.
I have the Jacobs KEYLESS chuck. I replaced my old factory Delta key's chuck with it, and find that it's one of the best upgrades of all times (and cheapest) - I just cannot say enough. I use everything from HSS bits, and Brad point, to forstner, and hole saws on my drill press with no problems whatsoever. changing bits is ridiculously fast and easy, and it grabs all the bits very well. however I do not use round shanks on any of my bits… so maybe that would be a limitation.

PS. the new powermatic DP, and I believe some others come with the jacobs keyless chuck out of the box.
I got to say I only buy tools with keyed chucks. some times I use me drills for materials other than wood, such as masonery, aluminum, steel, etc.

I feel more comfortable with a key. A personal preference. Not saying I'm correct. butI feel that I keyed chuck is safer. I've never had a bit come loose in a keyed chuck. however, I have had bits come loose on keyless.

The hex bits are great for my little impact. I love that little tool. I just broke it two weeks ago. I got nevous, wimpered alittle bit about it….. but then I calmed down and fixed it.
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