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Questions about Full-Blind Dovetail

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I have finally been inspired to attempt something new after spending loads of time admiring the talent, skill, and inventive imagination of contributors to this site.

I was particularly inspired by GaryK's Storage Box For Joinery project.

I have been contemplating the construction of a Captain's Writing Box, complete with secret compartments and I'd like to used several different types of joinery. I saw a reference to full-blind dovetails while hunting thru the internet and think that they might be used to make a very clean and super-strong corner joint.

My questions are:

Has anyone ever seen full-blind dovetails used in a project? Examples, pictures, websites?
Has anyone ever used full-blind dovetails in one of their project?
How does one create them?

I was thinking about designing a jig that would allow them to be created using a router but I need to understand how they are created first in order to see if my idea will bail the bilges (hold water).

Thanks in advance for everyone's comments, instruction, ideas, and criticisms.

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I've seen Roy Underhill do some. I believe I saw some In "Joinery" from Taunton press

Thanks for the direction.

After A1Jim reminded my of Mr. Roy Underhill, Woodwright, I went in search of his website and found a link in the how-to section for the Secret Dovetailed Box. There is a simple yet understandable description of this joint for those that might be interested.

Guess I'm going to need a new dovetail saw and some narrow dovetail chisels!

Thanks again A1Jim.

I've never used full blind dovetails in any project. Usually used a spline or biscuit instead. Like Jim said, you can find great instructions on the in Taunton press book on joinery. Tage Frid teaches woodworking book 1 Joinery. Lots of pictures and diagrams and good writing.
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