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Question RE outdoor wood carving

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Hi guys. First post here. Wood Carver with question about finishes.

I got a job and only found out after I finished the carving that this would be outside, subject to sun and rain. So wondering what you guys would recommend about finishes.

Some details. This is 48" diameter and 4.5" thickness, Pine. I plan to finish some areas with oil base stain and an outdoor oil base poly, Helmsman. For the fish, letters, and sea grass, the client would like paint. I am thinking about priming these parts and painting/airbrushing with an acrylic. Then finishing with a UV and weather resistant top coat.

Any suggestions for an outdoor sealer compatible with acrylic? Could I use the Helmsman over the acrylic? Thanks again for any input.

Lazy River Studio

Wood Aircraft Fin Artifact Fish

Blimp Fin Fish Wood Airship


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Spar Urethane. Remind them also to re coat annually.

Looks good, Welcome to Lumberjocks
Helmsman Spar Urethane has been very disappointing in our Oklahoma sun. And once it starts to split and peel, it is impossible to fix without sanding back to bare wood (which would be a monumental undertaking for your piece). I've heard Epiphanes is a much better finish but no personal experience.

That is a beautiful piece! I would encourage them to build a roof over it to protect it.
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

Leaf Branch Wood Yellow Font

Spar marine varnish. This sign I did for a buddy and has been hanging for 18 years. It is a red oak slab, which is a wood really not suitable for the outdoors. 3 coats initially and hasn't been touched since. A gable roof is always good to add to keep a bit of the weather off of it. By the way, simply awesome carving! You nailed it. Pine is not an easy wood to carve.


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And Freddy's sign appears to be out of direct sun.
WOw. Thanks for all the great input! I will definitely try out the spar.
Will post some finished photos when done. Thanks again everyone.
Lazy River Stuido
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