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question on dado blade/insert on R4512

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just bought my R4512 this weekend,i also bought the stacked diablo dado set 8"x12 there any reason this shouldn't fit?i believe they recommend a 6" dado.i seen on lj's before someone said they used the 8".

next question is a dado insert,is the leecraft a good buy?i thought about building one but was worried i wouldn't get it right.i've tried researching the leecraft and seems to have good reviews.i don't know much about the dado's cause i've never used one,except a wobble blade back in high school shop 22 years ago.i also don't grasp all the zc inserts just yet.any help with this would be appreciated.

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I had that exact saw and dado set, it fits and works just fine. f course you'll need to remove the riving knife.

I made my own dado throat plate and ZCIs from 1/8" hardboard (masonite) so I can't comment on the commercially available options.
The Craftsman 21833, same saw as the Ridgid 4512, comes with a dado insert.
I had to look up your model to make sure it wasn't a portable. I was shocked how much it looks like my Craftsman.

I have an 8 inch dado blade and didn't have problems fitting. Mine has a below table sawdust chute or something - like a thin metal box below the blade and it sometimes makes it tight to get new blades on and off but those are 10 inch blades. What is it hitting against - something like that? Or is the arbor nut too short?

I bought the Leecraft (CR-4 for mine) insert but used it for a thin kerf blade. Seems like a fair amount of money but saves some time. I don't have a bandsaw which would make making them myself easier.

FWIW mine came with a standard and dado throat plate.
thanks for your responses everyone,i seen earlier how much the craftsman looks like the ridgid.i haven't tried the dado on it yet i just saw on the ridgids specs that they recommend 6" dado.
seems like the leecraft has good reviews,so i thought about buying a dado insert.i'd like to make one but not sure of my abilities to do so and it work.

what advantage is a zci on regular blades,is it a better cut?
whitebeast There is less tear out when cutting. The wood fibers are fully supported by the insert right up to the blade.
A sled can give the same results as a ZCI as far as preventing tearout.
whitebeast - I don't own a Ridgid but I was curious to know if there were any info on LJ's about making them. I copied and pasted the first one I found in my search. If you have a router and a flush trim bit, I think you could make your own. Save you some $$ .....goood luck
I purchased my dado zci from leecraft for my rigid 4512…its made up of phelnolic material and has a screw for adjustments,it fits tight,its level and its slippery smooth…the rigid can spin a 8" dado and i use deltas 7670 stacked dado set…im happy with whole set-up and recommend both…
thanks everyone for the help.
kdc68 i've seen a couple of lj's make them but not sure if i could do it right.and thanks for the answer on the zci.

jeff i'm thinking about the leecraft and maybe trying to build one later.

i tried to see if my old sled would fit,it didn' i get to build another.
whitebeast - I have a R4512 also & bought some of the Leecraft ZI's directly from Ron Lee, believe it was $55 including shipping for 3.
He was great to work with. If you want the contact info, let me know.
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