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Question about drawer slides...

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I've gone through the archived threads but still have a few questions.

I am upgrading my workbench, with the help of Tom Clark's book, to include all drawers instead of just being a glorified assembly table.

The drawers will be 20"W X 20"D X 12"H…

What is the most economical slide to use? Ive seen the KV slides on WWHardware and those are a good price, so am leaning towards those unless I can pick some up locally. Any suggestions?

Finally, **does it matter where I mount the slide on the side of the drawer? Can I mount the slide along the bottom edge of the drawer, because that is how my cabinet is designed? I wasn't sure if there was a proper way to do this as most pictures show the slides mounted in the middle of the drawer.

Thanks for the help, guys and gals!!
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If you mean underneath the drawer; that's not the way the slides were designed.
As for the slides, I plan on trying these out. 100lb, full extension. I'm not sure what makes them economy over the pricier slides.
Yes you can mount them to the bottom of the sides.
The least expensive slides are rated 35 lbs mostly for kitchen drawers they usually wrap around the bottom edge of the drawer but their rollers are on the sides. These are fine for drawers for light weight use but don't be pilling a bunch of routers in drawers with these slides. If you want heaver duty slides get some with ball bearings that have a higher weight rating , this type mounts on the sides of the drawers,I usually mount them in the middle of each side.

35 lb type slide

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heavy duty type

Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood Table


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That's the cheapest place that I know of for slides.
@jmartel, those are the same slides I linked to but slightly cheaper. :)
I was thinking about that place earlier (cshardware) but couldn't remember the name. Good source for blum euro hinges too.
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