Lie-Nielsen - Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane (Rating: 5)

I was parusing Craigslist today and a Lie Nielson Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane was posted…..and it said $100 or make an offer. The post couldn't have been on there for more than a few minutes so I offered $80. The poster said Ok, but come down quickly if you can. I wrapped up what I was doing and called for the address and this woman obviously had no idea what she had or was selling. She said it was a gift to her husband who simply hasn't even used it and doesn't anticipate that he will.

Went down there to pick it up and it was still in the box had 3 small diamond sharpening and honing plates but then I realized the iron wasn't with the box. She didn't even know what that was so she said she'd look for it and call me if she found it. I wasn't gone 10 minutes when she called me so I made a u-turn. She said she'd knock $10 off the price since I had to come back.

The plane is pictured above. I looked at Lie Nielson's website and this plane is selling new for $165, but didn't mention anything about the diamond plates. Who knows where they came from or how much they cost….and who cares? Their mine now.

So I took it home, honed the iron, the sole didn't need any flattening but I hit it with some very fine sandpaper to remove a tiny spec of rust that had developed. Then I hit some wood with it. And…..OMG! I've never taken off such a thin even shaving of wood. This plane is noticeably heavier than my previous low angle block plane, the Stanley SW 60 1/2.

Comparing the two is like comparing Roseann Barr to a Victoria Secret super model. Not that the Stanley is bad, it's just that they are miles apart.

I've always read here on LJ that you don't really know how well a plane can work until you use a quality high end plane. I'm a believer now.


Anybody want to purchase a well cared for Stanley low angle SW 60 1/2?