Freud - SD206 6-Inch Professional Dado (Rating: 1)

I recently purchased this dado set at Woodcraft and after making my first dado cut I noticed a ridge in the middle of the cut, as if the chippers were a fraction smaller that the outside blades, I took it back and exchanged it for another, which did exactly the same thing. When I returned to Woodcraft they put it on one of their table saws and got the same result, a noticeably higher ridge in the middle of the dado cut making the bottom uneven. They began pulling all these off their shelves and measuring them with digital calipers and sure enough every set had the chippers about .032 smaller than the outside blades! more than enough to create a very large ridge at the bottom of the cut. The manager was very apologetic and explained that this was not normal for Freud blades and gave me a good deal on the more expensive version. I put the better version on my saw and it cut perfectly and cleanly.