PSI woodworking - D50C 4-Inch by 50-Feet Clear Flexible Dust Collection Hose (Rating: 5)

This isn't as heavy duty as the tubing I've been using for the past few years, which well tolerates being drug around my shop for vacuuming operations, or switching between machines.

That said,this is about 1/3 the price and the fifty foot length allows me to cut sections to dedicate to each piece of equipment.

The hose came nicely packaged in a square tube about four feet long.

I have three collectors - a 1-1/2 horse Jet (canister), a "2 horse" Harbor Freight, and a 3 horse, four bag Jet connected to a six inch input on a Super Dust Deputy. I have had no problems using sections on any of the machines.

Mine was clear, and hasn't been prone to puncturing.

I bought another brand, which retracted back into its original, compressed state. It's been a pain. It pulls back too hard for use when vacuuming [using my four inch ridged tube]. This one, however, does just fine.

I highly recommend this, both for price and quality.