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Push button hydraulic door opener.

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I am in the process of finishing a cedar-lined chest. The lid is going to fold in half when opened. I am thinking to install something like they use in cars in which when you push the button, the hatch opens and raises up by itself. One thing that I am concerned about is the constant pressure against the two sides of the lid might cause the wood to warp. The other concern is how to install these so they can operate when the chest is full of blankets and things (I may have to dedicate an area just for them). I can purchase the hydraulics from an auto part store and push button at a hardware store. I am not sure if this whole concept is practical and whether there is an alternate way to open and close a split open lid?
Thanks in advance.
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Not really… that would take too much room.
There are smaller units out there. that was just the first one I could find that represented somewhat what I was trying to say.
I don't think this is what you had in mind but I'm currently working on a motorized trap door that will open to a clear. I found these automobile seat movers on amazon. I have one and it's slow but extremely powerful as it's geared down. Maybe it's something that you could use. Not too expensive either. And it's very well made.
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