Earlex - Spray Station 5500 (Rating: 3)

OK let me the first to say that I am new here don't have many posts and I am new to spraying with the HVLP.

With that said I had a big piece of furniture that I needed to finish and decided to get my first sprayer. I did some extensive research on what to get and after reading the reviews I was pretty set on the Earlex Spray Station. I ordered it online from Amazon and it came in and I was excited to get started. I also ordered the 1.5mm needle as well.

So I open the box and start reading the manual to put everything together and put my 1.5 needle in and I am noticing that the gun and the spray station had little scratches on the unit no big deal its going to get used well anyways. Although I had some concerns that maybe I had a refurbished unit and I did not pay for a refurb.

So I get everything put together and decide to put some mineral spirits through it to test and then I switched on the unit and it did not turn on. Oh no… After a few toggles of the switch the unit turned on, boy its loud.

I read on the user guide to call the company if I had any issues with the unit and I did on 02/16/2015, I called this 18007832612 number and it went to a voice mail but I never got any response back. So today I decided to just contact Amazon and I will give the Earlex 5500 another chance. I am sure mine was just a one off based on all the high reviews this product got. When I get my new one I will amend this review if it was better or not.