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Pulling the lower wheel on a Grizzly G0555 bandsaw

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The wheels on my saw aren't coplaner, with the bottom one shy by about 3/8". I've removed the nut and washer and am guessing it just takes elbow grease to pull the wheel off the hub.
So…a couple of questions.
1. Am I right that it takes a little effort to pull the wheel? I don't want to screw something up.
2. How far out can one shim the wheel before there's a safety issue? The shaft is only so long.

Anything you folks can tell me will be greatly appreciated.
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Do the wheels really have to be coplaner? After watching the infamous Alex Snodgrass video, I tend to agree about leaving the wheels alone. Skip to 6:00 if you want to listen about the wheels.
I agree with Steve. If the blade is tracking correctly on the upper wheel, I wouldn't worry too much about the wheels being coplaner.
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