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Project wish list

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I mentioned this in a few places (I think).

I would like another page on "my home" page where I (we) can keep a list of projects that I want to do in the near future. Almost like a honey-do list :)

Encompassed (and added) to this functionality would be a button on the other Jock's projects pages that would programmatically add a link to the new "my Project wish list" page (connecting my wish list to the other jocks project - like favorites) so I can go see who has done this project (great for further collaboration). Martin, if your still reading (and got this far :) then I want a way to correlate all the other Jocks (Wish lists) that have added the same or similar project so we could all get together and try a project at the some time.

Well, as I always say to others "it is good to want things" <smile> and I want a lot

What do you all think?
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This is an interesting idea, did you get many responses?
Not a one, we all have a list so long that maybe no one wants to post all the things we have not started yet <grin>
Hey Guys, Martin is still on his honeymoon. Send him private message so he can check it when he'll be back ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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